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13h edition/2022

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Best Feature Documentary

Farming Without Harming (The Power of Regenerative Agriculture)
Director: Sorin Pavelesco

Best Feature Narrative

Migrant Birds Fly

Director: Aslan Bara


Best Narrative Short

A Distance
Director: Remoy Philip


Best Documentary Short

Shotikat Oklhilli
Director: Blake Pickens


Best Indie Short

T3-Wrt (Taweret)
Director: Mina Soliman


Best Director

LOTUS-BORN MASTER: The Shambhala Access Code
Director: Laurence Brahm


Best Composer

Legend of the Forest


Best Script/Unproduced

Quarantine in the Grand Hotel
Writer: Tom Vecchio


Best Actress

Laura Liu

Migrant Birds


Best Actor

Reza Dehghani

Actors of God


Best Comedy

A job interview

Director: Adam Jones


Best Animation

Safely Feel The Real World
Director: Jody Xiong


Best Experimental

Asphodel Fields
Director: Luigi Calabrese


Best Music Video

What We Wish
Directors: Jody Xiong, Cheng Tianxiao


Best First time filmmaker

The Old Man And The Bridge
Director: Sophia Pierre


Best Female Filmmakers

Naomi Beukes, Birgit Stauber, Jana von Hase

The Wind on your Skin

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