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15h edition/2023

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Best Narrative Feature 
You Never Know One Day You Too Might Become A Refugee
Directors:  Teo Nicholas Ormond-Skeaping, Lena Dobrowolska

Best Feature Documentary  
The Dog and The Duck
Director: Silvia Gallini

Best Narrative Short 
The Service
Director: Julie O’Hora

Best Short Documentary 
Finding Fred Lee 1.0
Director: Jack Gin

Best Indie Film & Best Director 
Director: Shekhar Babu Rankhambe

Best Cinematographer & Best Music Video 
Director: Tessa Fleming

Best Composer
Tabula Rasa
Marc Décosterd

Best Screenplay 
I'm Sorry
Writer: Mark D Hadley

Best Producer 
The Source
Enzo Zelocchi

Best Sci-Fi
Your skin is the galaxy
Director: Jose Domingo

Best Animation
Director: Hsin Ting Lin

Best Experimental
“2020: A Pandemic Odyssey” (Or, How I Got Stanley Kubrick Out of My {Solar} System Once and For All)
Director: Roger F. Copeland

Best Thriller
An Egypt Affair
Director: Marlin Darrah

Best First Time Filmmaker 
Director: Masha Gurova

Best Female Filmmaker 
Jeanne Devos, a photographic journey
Director: Anne Bruneau

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