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20th edition

Best Documentary Feature

The Dreamers

Director: Ruslan Saliev

Best Narrative Short

St. George

Directors: Lane Womack, Scott C. Crenshaw, Nicholas Klesmith

Best Documentary Short

And the River Still Flows

Director: Jelena Radenovic

Best Indie Feature Film

A Wonderful Way with Dragons

Director: Delfine Paolini

Best Indie Short Film



Best Director

The Wicked: Reborn

Director: Matthew Stalletti

Best Cinematographer

Yijun Wang


Best Composer

Desert Song

Yantra de Vilder

Best Actress

Naiara Harry

Dinner with Mrs. Beckett

Best Student Film

China Bowl

Director: Wan Huang

Best Sci-Fi-Best Web-Series-Pilot

"Cause Celebre"

Director: Patrick John Donnelly

Best Animation


Director: Gustavo Andres Menese

Best Experimental

Seagulls sometimes howl like dogs

Director: Guhl Geneviève

Best Music Video

Joe D. – Deodorante

Director: Davide Angioni

Best Thriller


Director: Viktoria Windhab

Best First-Time Filmmaker

And the River Still Flows

Director: Jelena Radenovic

Best Female Filmmakers

Women and Roads. The Way to Yourself. Mallorca.

Director: Kristina Kretova, Anna Kameneva

Best Feature Screenplay


Fiore DeRosa

Best Short Screenplay

The Little Death

Jessica Christine Moncrief, Christopher Moses Shaibi

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